How to become a member

To become a member of the  Rational Altruists Mannheim e.V., simply provide the following two things:

  • Fill in the membership form and send it to the board (for contact details please see here)
  • Pay your first membership fee (for bank account details please see here) or allow automatic payments via SEPA

Membership fees

We have three different membership options:

  • Students: 12 €/year
  • Regular members: 36 €/year
  • Special members: 48 €/year

The conference in New Orleans allowed me to present my research to an elected audience and to greatly benefit from networking opportunities. I perceive RAM’s funding for PhD students to be extremely important both from a financial and an ideational perspective. I am delighted to also myself support students and PhD candidates in their scientific work by becoming a member of RAM e.V.

Liliane Wulff