How to apply — Guidelines to apply for financial support

Please, submit the following documents (in English or German) via e-mail as  one single PDF document to vorstand(at)ram-ev(dot)de:

  1. General information

Name, CV (not required for organizations), contact details and bank account details (IBAN, BIC)

  1. What are you applying for?

Brief description of your project.

  1. Cost calculation (estimated)

List of all (estimated) costs which should be covered.

  1. Statement about alternative funding possibilities

Did you or are you planning to apply for alternative funding possibilities?

  1. Presentation of your project

Please provide a description (as detailed as necessary) of your project and emphasize how you or other young scholars of the School of Social Sciences may benefit from your project. Please do not exceed one page.

  1. Non-scientific summary of your project

Please provide a non-scientific description of your project which is easily accessible for non-experts (max. 100 words).

  1. Commitment and signature

Please add the following signed commitment to your application (in German):

“Ich verpflichte mich, die im Rahmen dieses Antrags gegebenen Zusagen einzuhalten und akzeptiere mögliche Rückforderungen finanzieller Mittel, die sich aus etwaigen Verletzungen der Antragsrichtlinien ergeben können.

Date, Signature”

  1. “Hinweise gemäß Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)”

Please read the following note according to GDPR and attach a signed copy to your application.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via vorstand(at)ram-ev(dot)de.