Guidelines: How to apply for a grant

The Rationale Altruisten Mannheim e.V. support young scholars of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim by providing financial aid.

  1. Goals

The Rationale Altruisten Mannheim e.V. support young scholars of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim. We primarily do so by providing financial aid for eligible projects. Both fundings of individual persons and groups are possible. The funding explicitly includes:

    • Theses/dissertations
    • Participation in further education courses
    • Participation at events for orientation events

Support for other activities is possible, provided that it meets the formal requirement that funding is reserved for young scholars of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim.

 RAM is innovative and keen to break new ground. We strongly benefitted from this open-mindedness and could successfully kick off our network thanks to RAM’s financial and conceptual support. By now, our network has been launched and we just want to say “THANK YOU!”.”

WUMAN (Meike Bonefeld and Anne-Sophie Waag)

To apply for conference funding please see our biannual Rationale Altruisten Travel Grant

  1. Amount of the grant

Our financial means are limited as we rely exclusively on membership fees and donations. As a result, our grants usually amount up to € 150. Only in exceptional cases, funding of a larger sum is possible.

The Rationale Altruisten, therefore, cannot and do not aim to replace funding by the DFG, DAAD, or the University of Mannheim.

We assume that (regular) research assistants are usually funded by the employer.

  1. Application

Any individual or legal entity who is a young scholar of the School of Social Sciences or wants to support these young scholars with their application is eligible for application. Applications have to be submitted electronically before the event and according to our guidelines. The board reserves the right to publish applications within the association and/or to upload applications (anonymously), for example on the homepage.

  1. Award procedure

The board decides in good time whether funding is granted or not. The decision is final. The board may also invite external experts or delegate the decision to a commission. If a board member poses an application, s/he has no voting right in the decision. It is also possible to fund applications only partially and/or to grant funding only under certain conditions. Every applicant receives feedback after her/his application via e-mail. This e-mail is the basis for the funding.

  1. Report on the expenditure of funds, disbursement, reimbursement

Grants must be used for the assigned purpose only. We only disburse the actual expenses and pay 70% of the funding sum before the event. The awardee is asked to contact the treasurer immediately after the event in order to facilitate the disbursement. The disbursement consists of:

      • Report on the expenditure of funds (electronically)
      • If a scientific paper was funded: An electronic version of the paper
      • Paper-based receipts (original and electronically)
      • An informal agreement that the abstract of the final work may be published as part of our PR, e.g. on the website of the Rationale Altruisten e.V. and (if applicable) in the newsletter of the Rationale Altruisten e.V.

Unused financial funding has to be reimbursed to RAM e.V. within three weeks after the event.

RAM e.V. reserves the right to call in the funding in case of violation against the funding rules.