Awards and Prizes

Since 2010, we award the RAM award for one excellent MA thesis in Sociology and in Political Science, each worth € 150. As of 2018, we are happy to also honor the best BA thesis in Sociology and Political Science with € 100 each. For more information on how to apply for the award, please see here or here.
Besides, we also honor the best theses in Psychology with the Otto-Selz- Preis. The prize carries a value of € 150 for master’s theses and € 100 for bachelor’s theses.

 I benefitted a lot from the funding by the Rationale Altruisten! Beyond the financial reward, the Otto-Selz-Prize reinforced my ambition to further focus on cognitive and clinical psychology during my Master’s study. I believe that funding young scholars from the (social) sciences is important – particularly in times of alternative facts.

Julian Quevedo-Pütter

List of prize winners:

Year Name Surname Supervisor Award
2010 Megerle Sebastian Prof. Dr. Hank RAM Award
2010 Brückner Julian Prof. Dr. Ebbinghaus RAM Award
2011 Beier Harald Prof. Dr. Kalter RAM Award
2012 Bristle Johanna Prof. Dr. Wolf RAM Award
2012 Zittlau Steffen Prof. Dr. Gschwend RAM Award
2012 Reiner Elisa   Otto-Selz-Prize
2012 Urbanski Christine   Otto-Selz-Prize
2013 Kustov Alexander Prof. Dr. Carey RAM Award
2013 Plieninger Hansjörg Prof. Dr. Meiser Otto-Selz-Prize
2013 Ohme Melanie Dr. Schöl Otto-Selz-Prize
2014 Sauter Lisa Prof. Dr. Kalter RAM Award
2014 Schäfer Anne Prof. Dr. Schmitt-Beck RAM Award
2014 Radetz Angela Prof. Dr. Alpers Otto-Selz-Prize
2015 Josten Michael Prof. Dr. Kreuter RAMAward
2015 Dieterle Anna Prof. Dr. Carey RAM Award
2015 Heck Daniel Prof. Dr. Erdfelder &
Prof. Dr. Bröder
2015 Schnürch Martin Prof. Dr. Erdfelder &


Dr. Brandt

2017 Lindstam Emmy Prof. Dr. Schoen RAM Award
2017 Kaiser Anna Prof. Dr. Kuhlmann Otto-Selz-Prize
2017 Eymann Vera Prof. Dr. Krüger Otto-Selz-Prize
2018 Attia Hana Prof. Dr. Nikolay Marinov RAM Award
2018 Depenbrock Lara Prof. Dr. Thomas Winzen RAM Award
2018 Stein Jonas Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Catran RAM Award
2018 Quevedo-Pütter Julian   Otto-Selz-Prize
2018 Neißner Miriam   Otto-Selz-Prize
2019 Lanzrath Aline   Otto-Selz-Prize
2019 Emmer Christine   Otto-Selz-Prize
2019 Alsmeyer Melanie   Otto-Selz-Prize
2019 Enbaye Gelila Prof. Dr. Banholzer RAM Award
2019 Wolf Daniela Prof. Dr. Keusch RAM Award
2019 Dräger Jascha Prof. Dr. Kalter RAM Award
2019 Semenova Viktoriia Prof. Dr. Gschwend RAM Award