RAM unterstützt die Forschung von Julian Schaider mit dem RAT Grant | RAM supports research of Julian Schaider with the RAT Grant

Wir freuen uns sehr, Julian Schaider bei seiner Teilnahme an der IMDRC 2021 finanziell unterstützen zu können, bei der er seine Forschung zu ADHS und Dyspraxie bei Kindern und Jugendlichen vorstellt. Wir wünschen Julian bei seiner Forschung viel Erfolg!

I received the Rational Altruists Mannheim 2021 grant to present the psychological research in the field of ADHD and dyspraxia from my bachelor thesis at a large academic conference. This financial as well as non-material support has definitely helped me a lot to consider my further academic path! I am very grateful for this support, because promoting young scientists and encouraging them to pursue a research career is more important than ever!

(Julian Schaider)

We are very pleased to financially support Julian Schaider’s participation at IMDRC 2021, where he will present his research on ADHD and dyspraxia in children and adolescents. We wish Julian much success in his research!