The membership in RAM e.V. gives me the opportunity to benefit from inspiring research perspectives and international networks, and at the same time support students and researchers in their scientific work. My rewarded empirical analysis about women in the labor force market in 20 European countries shows that RAM e.V. considers the importance of gender research. For my thesis I received the RAM-Award 2020 which enriched my academic journey and became one of the greatest acknowledgements in my personal and professional growth as a student. Up to now, it has been the most capable and valuable academic experience for me – thanks to RAM e.V.!

Elisabeth Schmalz

RAM’s mission to support emerging scholars by recognizing their work and by assisting them financially to cover the oftentimes demanding costs of starting an academic career is an inevitable and highly appreciated resource by young scholars!

Receiving the RAM-award for best bachelor thesis has confirmed me in my work and further motivated me to proceed working on scientific questions. I think it is essential that young scientists continue to be supported and encouraged by associations like RAM.

David Paul Wirtz

The RAM prize for the best thesis is a great opportunity for students to receive recognition for their work and it encouraged me to further pursue my research interests within an academic setting.

Maximilian Haag

For me, receiving the best thesis award by the Rational Altruists Mannheim e.V. was simultaneously a recognition of my previous achievements and an encouragement to further pursue an academic career through a PhD. In my opinion, the commitment of the Rationale Altruisten Mannheim e.V. is extremely valuable and deserves every support.

Philipp Kadel

The funding by RAM allowed us to participate at the Conference of the Deutsche Nachwuchsgesellschaft für Politik- und Sozialwissenschaft e.V. in Hannover, Germany. This gave us the opportunity to discuss fundamental cleavages in sociology with students from all over Germany, to bring back new ideas to Mannheim, and to become part of a growing network of young scholars. The funding by RAM has thus helped us very much, both professionally and personally!

Florian Andersen & Pavel Dimitrov Chachev

RAM e.V. makes it possible to present my research results at an international conference. This allows me to receive valuable feedback on my work and will thus increase the quality of my research and my dissertation.

The award by the Rationale Altruisten Mannheim for the best theses is an important and crucial acknowledgement for work-intensive research projects. This special credit for my work was an important feedback and encouraged me to further engage in academic research.

I would like to thank the Rationale Altruisten Mannheim for awarding me the RAM Award! Besides covering my expenses for the Stata license, the prize honored my Bachelor thesis and encourages me to continue working on my research topic.

Gelila Enbaye

Thanks to RAM e.V., I was able to present first results of my dissertation to a broader audience at an international conference. I am glad that this kind of funding opportunity exists to support young scholars in their early careers.

Tobias Rettig

The award for the best thesis as well as the experience to present at the first conference are a huge motivation to pursue an academic career – despite the associated insecurities.

The Otto-Selz Prize for the best Master thesis in Psychology by RAM e.V. had an important impact on both my personal and professional future. Besides its financial support, the award not only recognized my work but also encouraged me both to pursue an academic career by enrolling in a Ph.D. program and to present my research at renowned conferences. In my opinion, RAM’s support is crucial to further the self-esteem of young scholars to believe in their abilities and to get excited about a career in academia. I am very grateful for the support of all members of RAM and hope that there will be similar programs in the future!

Aline Lanzrath

Due to the support from RAM e.V., I was able to recruit more participants for my online study. This helped facilitate the complicated process of data collection and improve the quality of my research. Thank you!

A big thank you to RAM for supporting my dissertation project! RAM’s financial support helps many young scholars at uni Mannheim and has allowed me to purchase a dataset necessary to improve my dissertation.

Emmy Lindstam

I am grateful to the Rationale Altruisten Mannheim for supporting my participation at the DGPPF conference, allowing me to present my first research project while still studying in the Master program. This experience provided me with new impulses and reinforced my desire to pursue an academic career. Hence, not only do I see the value of the RAM in its financial support but also in its recognition which encourages scholars in the early stages of their careers to further their scientific goals.

Belinda Merkle

 I benefitted a lot from the funding by the Rationale Altruisten! Beyond the financial reward, the Otto-Selz-Prize reinforced my ambition to further focus on cognitive and clinical psychology during my Master’s study. I believe that funding young scholars from the (social) sciences is important – particularly in times of alternative facts.

Julian Quevedo-Pütter

 The funding provided by RAM e.V. allows young scholars to present their own work at international conferences and thereby to gain important experiences and build networks already at an early stage of their career. The work of RAM e.V. thus is an important source of support for young scholars.

 RAM is innovative and keen to break new ground. We strongly benefitted from this open-mindedness and could successfully kick off our network thanks to RAM’s financial and conceptual support. By now, our network has been launched and we just want to say “THANK YOU!”.”

 RAM e.V. has played a significant role for me personally, seeing as it gave me recognition for a project that I have spent my last semester working on and poured my heart in. Especially, a young researchers and graduating students this was essential. It has motivated me to pursue
 a career in academia, prompting me to start my PhD in Hamburg.

Hana Attia

The conference in New Orleans allowed me to present my research to an elected audience and to greatly benefit from networking opportunities. I perceive RAM’s funding for PhD students to be extremely important both from a financial and an ideational perspective. I am delighted to also support students and PhD candidates in their scientific work by becoming a member of RAM e.V.

The RAM finances extracurricular research projects. These events do not only support young scholars academically, but also advance their personal development and character building. Without platforms like RAM the extracurricular development of many students would become impossible and, in the worst case, we would experience a drop in the human and social capital of Mannheim’s alumni.

I appreciate the support by the Rational Altruists Mannheim to present my research at a conference in Copenhagen and to meet important people. Moreover, the RAT Grant has an intangible value itself and gives me intrinsic motivation to continue with my research.

Daniel Heck

The funding by the Rational Altruists improves the quality of scientific theses because it allows the students to access interesting and fruitful datasets that are only available for a charge.

Nico Sonntag